Useful Links

Archaeological work in the Sudan is a dynamic field, and there are many Sudanese and international missions working to survey, excavate and conserve the country’s heritage, in collaboration with the National Council of Antiquities and Museums (NCAM), based in ¬†Khartoum.

Qatar Sudan Archaeological Project (QSAP)

Sudan Archaeological Research Society (SARS)

Please find below links to a number of the projects working in Sudan.

The British Museum’s project at Amara West

The Across Borders Project (ERC Funded) at Sai Island

The excavations at Tombos

The bilingual website of the team working at Kerma

The Northern Dongola Reach survey and excavations at Kawa

The site of the Gebel Barkal excavations, which includes a useful bibliography

Berber-Abidiya (Dangeil)

Hamadab 3D Reconstructions

An online archive of the graffiti at Musawwarat