The International El Kurru Project is a collaborative excavation project co-directed by Rachael J Dann (Associate Professor, Egyptian & Sudanese Archaeology) of the University of Copenhagen, Geoff Emberling (Research Scientist) of the Kelsey Museum, University of Michigan and Professor Abbas Sidahmed Mohammed Ali of the University of Dongola, Kareima.

El Kurru is  part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of “Gebel Barkal and the Sites of the Napatan Region”. It was the burial place and royal city of many of the earliest Napatan Kings and Queens, including a number of the 25th Dynasty Kings who conquered and ruled Egypt.

The excavation aims to investigate the archaeological remains of the royal city and cemetery areas in their broader landscape context, and to undertake necessary conservation work. A further step is to make the site ready for presentation to the public.

Rachael J Dann

Geoff Emberling

The work at El Kurru is made possible by the permission of the National Council for Antiquities and Museums (NCAM) in Sudan, by the support and kindness of the people of the village of El Kurru, and by our various sponsors, to whom we are grateful.

Qatar Sudan Archaeological Project
Qatar Sudan Archaeological Project
Danish Institute in Damascus
Danish Institute in Damascus



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  1. So what is happening with this research? I can’t find anything after 2015….

    1. Hi Kara,

      Thanks for asking! We’re working on updating and improving our website. Meanwhile, check under “Publications” to find the latest field reports from the journal Sudan and Nubia.

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